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Seven Reasons I Love BBH, Number 7: It Really Works

Not only is the BBH class based in decades of phenomenal research, the class itself has been researched to see if it really has the impact on families that its developers were hoping for. Starting in 1999, and continuing until 2005, Dr. John Gottman and his colleague Dr. Alyson Shapiro conducted a study that ended […]

Seven Reasons I Love BBH, Number 5: It’s Practical

John Gottman, BBH’s chief researcher and developer, is a mathematician turned psychologist.  When he poses research questions, he is looking for variables:  What is the x that leads to the y?  How does b effect a?   And he has looked at so many couples, families, babies, and parents, and watched them grow over time, […]

Seven Reasons I Love BBH, Number 4: It Creates Community

That is my hope, anyway.  When I decided to take the Bringing Baby Home training, one of my dreams was that I could create a space where new parents could meet and develop a support network for each other. When I  was pregnant the first time, I took a prenatal class called Birthing From Within. […]

Seven Reasons I Love BBH, Number 3: It Makes a Great Gift

This one is really for all the grandparents, uncles, aunties, friends, in your life, so if you want to share it with to give them a little “wink wink, nudge nudge”, please do. If you already have kids, then when someone you love tells you they are expecting there is a natural urge to want […]

Seven Reasons I Love BBH, Number 2: It’s a Good Date

Remember when you were dating your partner, and just getting to know each other?  You would ask each other questions over dinner, trying to understand the other’s hopes, dreams, quirks, histories.  “What do you do for fun?” “What was that like for you, when your parents split up?”  “Do you think you’d like to have […]

7 Reasons I Love BBH, Number 1: It’s Based In Research

It is just one week until the Bringing Baby Home series starts up at Mission Midwifery. In anticipation, I’m going to post one reason that I love BBH every day. New parents get a heck of a lot of advice, and most of it is not asked for, nor is it much good.  We have […]

Bringing Baby Home Class is Starting up Sept 29!

It’s time to get rolling!  I’ve heard your feedback that one of the challenges to getting to Bringing Baby Home is the difficulty in being able to commit to 6 weeks of class. I get it.  We all have busy lives, and rarely are we so busy as when we have a new infant on […]

New and Improved Course Outline

One of the hardest things for new parents to find is time.  In Bringing Baby Home we talk about B.B. time and A.B. time (before and after baby).  Those of you with a tiny one know that it is difficult to commit to any sort of scheduled, ongoing activity.  I get that. That’s why I’ve revamped […]

World Breastfeeding Week

Hi Everyone! It’s hard to believe my last post was on Mother’s Day.  After a busy April with BBHFV, May swept me up a swirl of family related activity that started with planning my son’s 6th birthday and ended when I returned from a 2-week trip to Ontario for a family reunion/celebration of my grandmother’s […]