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Course Outline

The Transition to Parenthood~July 8

They say you can’t be prepared for parenthood, but you can be informed! This class will teach you about some of the psychological, physical, and relationship changes people usually experience during the transition to parenthood and how to cope with them. You will learn to recognize the warning signs of post-partum depression and anxiety and where to get help.  I’ll teach you and your partner what research has found to be the building blocks of a strong relationship and foundation for your new family.

Making the Magic Last After Becoming Parents~July 15

New parents may be surprised to find that their precious baby can bring such stress and conflict into their relationship, or just plain fatigue that stops them from connecting like they used to.  In this class you will learn the 4 behaviours that erode relationships, and how to change them. You will gain tools for strengthening your connection and friendship as you go through this change together.

Communicating with Babies and Children~July 22

Living with babies involves so much guesswork! In this class we help you understand what baby is trying to communicate, and how to respond. You will learn to recognize and repair over-stimulation, and how the quality of your relationship with your partner affects your play with your baby. You will understand child development in the first three years so that you can gain realistic expectations for children’s behaviour.  We’ll introduce you to the technique of “Emotion Coaching” which helps your child develop self-awareness and self-regulation.

Managing Stress and Conflict Regulation~July 29

Sometimes, the fatigue and the workload you share with your partner can cause conflict and stress. This class teaches you how to manage that stress. You will learn the four signs that your relationship is in trouble, and the difference between solveable and perpetual problems. You and your partner will develop skills together to help each other keep calm in arguments and practice the four steps to constructive problem solving. For those times when you do blow up in front of your kids, we will teach you how to handle it with them.

The Parent-Child Relationship: Starting Strong~August 5

Your child’s brain is rapidly developing in the first three years, laying down the foundation for their lifetime. The parent child connection is the single most important factor in aiding that development. In this class we will discuss the three main factors that influence the parent-child connection; attachment, temperament, and self-regulation. We’ll talk about obstacles to our connection to our children and how to overcome them. We will learn the effects of conflict on our children and how to recognize if the parent-child relationship needs repair.

Creating a Family Legacy~August 12

What kind of parent do you want to be? What do you want to carry on from your own upbringing, and what do you want to do differently? What rituals and values do you want to include in your family. How can you make your home a positive place for everyone? This class gives you and your partner an opportunity to explore these questions together. Especially for Dads, we will discuss the importance of fathers and the changing role of fatherhood. And we’ll discuss ways to preserve intimacy and romance in your relationship.